Color psychology

Colors and all their faces, permeate our whole lives.
We don’t just comprehend how colors work, but in addition why they work.


Become more efficient with the right colours. Every person can concentrate better in a good environment. Make sure that you encourage efficiency.


Live more harmoniously thanks to supporting colour tones. Harmonies clarifies, smoothes and calms your environment. Together we ensure that we develop and use harmonious colour constellations.


By using the perfect and correct colour combinations, your competence is visually underlined

We also use colours as a guide and orientation aid between sender and receiver.

Feel good

Support yourself with the colours that suit you

We use colour tones specifically to create the desired atmosphere in which you will feel comfortable.


„A world without colour, is like an endless, cloudy, gloomy day – a sad vision.“

The Colour design book, Caroline Clifton-Mogg, Gerstenberg Verlag

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Tipp #10 Beachte die Holzart, Holzfarbe und Holzmaserung bei der Kombination der Möbel. #T_Räume #raumgestaltung #interiordesign #designdinterieur #raumplanung #spacialplanning #creationdespace #visualmerchandising #visualmerchandisingkurse #visualmerchandisingcourses #visualmerchandisingcoures #gesichtlesen

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"Träume dir dein Leben schön und mach aus diesen Träumen eine Realität" eine Weisheit von Marie Curie, umsetzbar mit der T-Räume GmbH #T_Räume #raumgestaltung #interiordesign

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