Face reading

In order for us to make the consultation even more tailormade to you, we use our knowledge of physiognomics or better known as face reading sciences by Carl Huter.


Psycho-physiognomics is a system developed by Carl Huter (1861-1912), which combines biology and psychology with the respective body forms and the charisma that goes with them. Its aim is to make the language of the human face understandable as an expression of the soul.

Karl F. Haug Publishing House Stuttgart

...use to your advantage

We extract your talents and facial features in order to incorporate them efficiently and meaningfully into the concepts developed for you. With the combination of the knowledge of the art of face reading and colour theory, we create a concept for you that allows you to use your environment in a way that is perfectly attuned to you, enabling you to act positively, comfortably and profitably.

"Style is the physiognomy of the mind".

Arthur Schopenhauer

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