Get the best out of your space
with an individual design, matching furnishings and harmonious colors


Online consultation

The aim is to implement your individual style throughout, to furnish the room according to your character traits and to unify the furnishings

We arrange the existing furniture and complement it with showpieces or adapt it to your needs.


My home, my identity

With the different phases of life, the needs and demands on one’s own home also change.

If the focus is to be realigned or the furnishings have had their day, wonderful personality-based concepts can be implemented.


Interior design

In order to equip the room best way possible and design the furnishings to match your character traits, we use our knowledge of face reading so that we get the most suitable design tailor made for you. In order to create a relaxing atmosphere, we also use the knowledge of colour psychology. We will find the right combinations for you to turn your home into a gem.


Colour & material concept

With the right colours and perfect material we upgrade your interior to match your personality, using our knowledge of face reading. With cosy types we will choose soft, welcoming material combined with relaxing colours. Creative individuals are sensitive to perfect harmonies of nuances and others are looking for the most practical solutions.

Let us analyse your need !


Home office, pleasant & efficient

With partially imposed home offices during the corona pandemic, it happened that not only the study but the whole home was oppressed by the work situation. In order to make the home office pleasant and efficient, T-Räume offers individual home office consultations. This also helps you to work more concentrated within your home. With the knowledge of what supports the different character types at work, efficiency-increasing environments can be created.


Moving organization

A move means change. Changes offer great opportunities, but are also associated with stress. Putting the planning in our hands can curb the negative feelings and gives you mental freedom and satisfaction. T-Räume recommends immediately implementing a new living concept when moving. It offers the organisation of the move and the creation of a concept as a service package, which is tailored to your current needs.


Spatial planning

Whether new buildings or renovations; we build your room with full dedication according to your character and to your greatest benefit. With selected colour associations, rooms become visually larger, warmer and cosier.

For an individual and personal consultation

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