The individual implementation of a harmonious space
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Office 2022 - the new normal

It will never be the same again as before the pandemic. We are convinced that cramped offices will be increasingly avoided by workers in the future. The desire for open, interactive meeting spaces and individual work islands will become a common and much needed place. It is advisable to invest in teamwork.

In order for the whole team to feel comfortable, it needs a lot of space, activating colours and atmospheric materials to create ideas and let them work.


Interior design

Get the best out of your interior with an individual design, matching furnishings and harmonious colours. Because the first impression counts, as it is the reflection of your performance. Thanks to a friendly first impression, more trust and thus more customers can be won and retained.


Colour & material concept

Does the office match the company? Colours also influence efficiency in a company. With supportive colours, your employees can perform noticeably better by feeling more comfortable, being able to concentrate better or being less distracted. In order to achieve a harmonious interior that corresponds to the company’s identity, the company and its employees are analysed using the knowledge of physiognomics.


Spatial planning

The individual realisation of a harmonious space is optimally supported by this offer. Holistic project processing, which is geared to specific needs, is created. Tell us about your project and we will support you in the creation of your ideas.


Home office, pleasant & efficient

To make the home office pleasant and efficient, T-Räume offers companies to purchase individual home office consultations for their employees. This ultimately helps everyone, because if the employee can work more concentrated within their home, employers get more work done within their working hours. Knowing what helps different character types work can create efficiency-enhancing environments.


Business relocation & organisation

A move means change. Changes offer great opportunities, but are also associated with stress. Putting the planning in our hands can curb the negative feelings and ease the stress of moving. T-Räume recommends implementing a new interior working concept simultaneously with the move. It offers the organisation of the move and the creation of a concept as a service package, which is tailored to the current needs of all employees.


Visual Merchandising

Design the appearance in a modern and customer-friendly way with deliberate placement of the sales merchandise. Visual merchandising makes the difference! A uniform shop area with planned customer guidance helps the customer to find their way around more quickly and assures that the customer is guided everywhere.


Visual Merchandising curses

Enjoy long-term success with a trained team. Invest in yourself and your team to offer your customers even more feel-good opportunities. Our courses consist of learning the most important basics of a harmonious and consistent product presentation. You can then put what you have learned into practice and apply useful tips in the real world.

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    T-Räume Tipp #20 Achte beim Einrichten auf alle kleinen Details! Diese Kleinigkeiten machen den grossen und bemerkbaren Unterschied von einem #Wohlfühlort und dem Rest. Probiere

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    Ein schöner Garten wischt den Staub des Alltags von der Seele 🕉🪴🥰 Wie hast Du deinen Garten oder Balkon eingerichtet? 💚T-Räume ✔️Interior Design ✔️ Planung

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    Wie Loranne Farben🎨 wahrnimmt, sei nicht ganz gewöhnlich.🌈 Sie sieht nicht nur Farben, Farben reagieren auf sie. Sie erklärt: "Wenn ich Farben ansehe, schweben sie

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    °Ruhig 🦢 °Ausgewogen 🧘‍♀️ °Offen 🌈 Wir stellen vor: Projekt Farbberatung t-raeume.ch/portfolio-item/farbberatung-haussanierung/ 💚T-Räume ✔️Interior Design ✔️ Planung ✔️Kreation ✔️Visual Merchandising ✔️& wie du es lernen

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